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Monday, 20 September 2010

Israeli Gay adoption policy undergoes reform

The fundamental principle of "the best interests of the child" in adoption procedures demands that the child be placed with the best possible parents available. Israel is yet another country now recognising that the best available parents just might be a same-sex couple. Adoption regulations have already been modified to allow women to adopt the biological children of their female partners, so becoming recognized as co-parents. The regulations will now be modified further, to allow  men likewise to adopt the children of their male partners born to surrogate mothers.

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From Ynet

Requests to adopt partner's baby doubles among same-sex couples, according to data published by Social Affairs Ministry

The Ministry of Social Affair's adoption overhaul: The numbers of same-sex families who adopted children has doubled during the past year, according to data published Monday by the ministry.

Until recently, same-sex families in Israel were not able to adopt children in the traditional way. Women, who were living with their female partners and gave birth, were considered single parents, while their partners received no special status.

Social Affairs Minister Isaac Herzog introduced a reform to adoption regulations, which allowed women to officially adopt the children of their partners.

In 2009, 72 female couples took advantage of the new regulation, in contrast with only 30 couples the year before.

"The leading principle of the ministry is the welfare of the child," Minster Herzog said in reference to the initiative.

The next stage Herzog is planning will also enable male couples to officially adopt the biological child of their partner, born to a surrogate mother in Israel or abroad.

Dan Goldberg, who had twins with his partner Arnon Angel using a surrogate mother in India, was encouraged by the planned reform. "The data shows that the public is becoming more susceptive to same-sex couples," he said on Sunday, "More couples are daring and giving it a try."

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